Lectures, speeches and juries
We have participated in many international design juries and debates and lectured at schools,
institutes and events. Find here a selection of our international presence in the world of design.

2011 Vienna Austria, International Design Conference, lecture
2011 Istanbul Turkey, Design Week Istanbul, lecture
2011 Shenzhen China, OCT Art&Design Gallery, lecture
1999-2011 Lisbon Portugal, staff member ExperimentaDesign
2009-2011 London England, Design Museum, nominator Brit Insurance Designs of the year
2011 Leipzig Germany, Norm=Form, symposium
2011 Guangzhou China, Bookshop, podium debate
2010-2011 Frankfurt Germany, Messe Frankfurt, jury DesignPlus
2011 Dortmund Germany, Focus Awards Fachhochschule, lecture
2010 Stockholm Sweden, Form, lecture
2010 Helsinki Finland, Design Week Helsinki, lecture
2010 Essen Germany, Norm=Form, RUHR.2010, lecture
2010 Essen Germany, Kongress MehrWert, lecture
2008 Frankfurt Germany, Messe Frankfurt, jury Craftmanship
2008 Frankfurt Germany, Ambiente product fair, lecture
2007 Shanghai China, Ambiente product fair, lecture
2006 Stuttgart Germany, Focus Energy, International Design Award, jury member
2006 London England, Shared Territories Debate, Royal College of Art, lecture and debate
2005 Bolzano Italy, Conference on Design Education, debate and lecture
2005 Berlin Germany, Design Transfer Berlin, lecture
2004 Gent  Belgium, Design Museum, lecture
2004 Berlin Germany, German Design Council during DesignMay, lecture and debate
2003 Milan Italy, Design Report, chairman for Young talent jury at Salone Satellite
2003 Lisbon Portugal, ‘Bright minds beautiful ideas’, workshop and lecture
2003 Brussels Belgium, Optimo, lecture
2003 Brussel Belgium, Optimo, jury member
2002 Stuttgart Germany, Academy of Fine Arts, lecture
2002 Karslruhe Germany, Experience Design, workshop and lecture
2002 Frankfurt Germany, Design Plus, jury member
2001 Jerusalem, Israel, The Israel Museum, lecture
1999 Lisbon Portugal, Centro Cultural de Belem Essentials de Luxe, lecture and podium discussion
1996 Bordeaux France, Rencontres Internationale de L’ure, lecture
1995 Montréal Canada Université du Québec, lecture
1995 Darmstadt Germany, Academy of Fine Arts, lecture
1993 Barcelona Spain, Universitat de Barcelona, Faculty of Fine Arts, lecture
1992 Milan Italy, Istituto Europeo di Design, lecture and workshop
1990 Copenhagen Denmark, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, lecture
1990 Berlin Germany, University of Fine Arts, lecture
1989 Budapest Hungary, University of Fine Arts, lecture

Exhibitions and projects
As a curious design studio we learn every day. We want to know about the professional history
of design in order to perform better today and dream about tomorrow. That is why we initiate,
curate, design and realize design related projects, exhibitions and books. Find here a selection
of exhibitions and projects we have initiated and/or realized.

2012 Istanbul Turkey, ‘Politie-Polis-Carabi...’, workshop, exhibition and debate
2011 Ulaanbataar Mongolia, Lake Khövsgol Cultural Center
2011 Paramaribo Suriname, Sure Suriname, exhibition
2011 Leipzig Germany, Norm=Form, symposium
2010 Essen, Germany, RUHR.2010, Norm=Form, exhibition with Timo de Rijk
2010 Berlin Germany, exhibition and debate ‘Politie-Polizei-Carabi...’
2009 München Germany, ISPO Trade Show, Winternightscape, stand for Nike ACG
2009 Milan Italy, Design Why?, symposium for the Royal Acdemy of The Hague
2009 Paramaribo Suriname, Sure Suriname, workshop
2004 Frankfurt Germany, Ambiente, exhibition BlueBlue
2004 Frankfurt Germany, Ambiente, Waterbar with Greenpeace
2007 Milan Italy, Centerpieces, stand for Cor Unum
2006-2007 Frankfurt Germany, Ambiente, stand for Royal VKB
2006 Cabourg France, open air exhibition Photo Cabourg
2005 New York USA, Felissimo Design House, Ed Annink solo exhibition
2005 Lisbon Portugal, Catalysts, exhibition and catalogue, with Max Bruinsma
2003 Lisbon Portugal, Bright minds beautiful ideas, exhibition, workshop and book with Ineke Schwarz
2003 Fairbanks USA, Be your own Buddha, ice sculpture
2000 Nuuk Greenland, Transsiberia, ice sculpture
1999 Lisbon Portugal, Double Dutch, exhibition with Gert Staal
1995 Montréal Canada, Design NOW! design aux Pays-Bas, exhibition with a.o. Renny Ramakers
1995 Higashikaw Japan, Lightness, ice sculpture
1994 Breckenbridge USA, Marocky Delight, and Lillehammer Norway, Battle of Numbers, ice sculpture
1993 Frankfurt, stroomOp, Niederlandisches design heute, exhibition with Renny Ramakers and Dieter Willich
1992 Milwaukee USA, The Well, and Québec Canada, Point of view, ice sculpture
1991 Kiruna Sweden, Relativitijd, ice sculpture
1990 Paris, Moscow, Milan and Utrecht, Chair sweet chairs, exhibition with Renny Ramakers and Wim Pijbes

Teaching and workshops
We are proud that we are often asked for teaching and directing design workshops at several
locations in the world. We also taught in the Netherlands at a.o. the Design Academy Eindhoven,
Royal Academy of Art The Hague, Haagse Hogeschool (for which we advised the educational structure
for the department Industrial Product Design as well) and the Academy for Design in Arnhem. It is not
our mission to become design teachers but we do like to debate, discuss and develop conceptual and
marketing quality with students at design schools.

2009 Essen Germany, Creative industries, workshop on standardisation and identity with Timo de Rijk
1998-2005 Boisbuchet France, summer workshop for Vitra Design Museum and Centre Georges Pompidou
2006 Hannover Germany, ThyssenKrupp Ideeenpark
2005 Essen Germany, Zollverein School for Management and Design, workshop cultural/ economical curating
2004 Ulm Germany, International Design Forum ULM ‘UNscharfe-Blur’
2004 Boisbuchet France, Proctor&Gamble, workshop for Vitra Design Museum
2003 Lisbon Portugal, Bright Minds Beautiful Ideas, workshop for ExperimentaDesign
2003 Blankenberge Belgium, X-Ray, workshop with Addict for Optimo
2002 Kortrijk Belgium, X-Ray, workshop with Addict for ThalysInternational
2001 Christchurch New Zealand, workshop for Designindustry
1995 Montréal Canada, Université de Montréal
1992 Milan Italy, Istituto Europeo di Design
1990 Berlin Germany, Hauptschule der Künste

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